Competing on today’s margins makes it even more important for you to arm yourself with the tools to maintain profitability and grow your business. Our financial performance solutions can give you the right tools to manage and maximize your cash flow and identify opportunities to increase revenue.

Spend more time focusing on your patients by letting our pharmacy systems help you take care of your business. Achieve your business objectives by choosing the pharmacy management system that is right for you. we help you track and automatically manage pricing and process payments. 

We are committed to helping your independent retail pharmacy succeed and grow. 


Product Features:

  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Management
  • Cash Management
  • Billing Management
  • Taxation Reports
  • Transaction management
  • Purchase management
  • Document Printing
  • Fast Search
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Taxation Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Utilities
  • General Features
  • Financial Accounting
  • Different type of Reports
  • Data Backup and Restore 

Our Plans



Single Workstation Licence

Rs.299/ month

1 Pc

1 Admin

2 User

Local Database Server

15 Days Trail


Multi-user Network License

Rs.6999/ Year

Up to 5 Pc

4 Admin

Up to 10 User

Local Network Database Server

15 Days Trail


Multi-user Online License

Rs.14999/ year

Unlimited Pc

Unlimited Admin

Unlimited User

Online Database Server

After Purchase Only

*There is no charge for the trial download. It is a fully functional program for 15 Days with no disabled features.